Harrison, the Winter Wonderland from above

In late December, there were a few beautiful blue skied days that were perfect for lake and mountain sightseeing flights over Harrison and Fraser Valley in a four seater aeroplane Cessna 172. On Dec 22th, I left Abbotsford International Airport (CYXX) at approximately 3:00pm and headed eastbound through the Fraser Valley. After a quick passContinue reading “Harrison, the Winter Wonderland from above”

Sceneries from Flight Training in Abbotsford BC

Abbotsford is located in the Fraser Valley, British Columbia in Canada. When students are in training, they have the opportunity to see a large variety of different landscapes. The city is located just north of the US border. It has Bellingham and Mountain Baker towards the south, Vancouver, Strait of Georgia, and Vancouver Island toContinue reading “Sceneries from Flight Training in Abbotsford BC”