Thin Air Adventures – Warbird Rides

Whether you are a tourist looking to explore the cityscape and enjoy the natural scenery of the Lower Mainland, an adrenaline junkie looking for a thrill, or something in between, we have a flight for you! Our passengers can expect to see beautiful vistas of the North Shore Mountains, Downtown Vancouver, Golden Ears, Fraser Valley, or other stunning landmarks depending on their package type.

All flights take off from Abbotsford airport and can be customized to your preference for sightseeing or acrobatic flight time allocation. Flying time varies anywhere from 30 min to 1 hour depending on the package type. Flight goers meet the pilot at the Hangar and will first spend time going over safety rules. A waiver and medical declaration form must be signed prior to the flight. Please let the pilot know if you suffer from motion sickness as we do have air sickness bags in flight should you require them.

Please be aware that the weight limit is 220lbs, and the height limit is 6 feet.


BC Backcountry Warbird Cruise

A relaxing scenic tour around the Fraser Valley and Northshore mountains. Enjoy a bird’s eye view of our beautiful mountains and lakes in a historical plane. Flyers can expect to see Cultus Lake, picturesque views of the Fraser Valley and the Fraser River, the serene North Shore Mountains, and the mesmerizing Pitt Lake & Stave Lake.

Best for: people interested in just gentle sightseeing, aviation and history enthusiasts, tourists, out-of-country guests visiting Vancouver.

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“Top Gun” Adrenaline Aerobatic Ride

This is a total high adrenaline and blood-rushing tour. The flight heads eastbound toward the open areas of Sumas for crazy wacky maneuvers and aerobatics such as steep turns, spins, loops, rolls, Cuban Eights. The maneuvers can be customized to your preferred levels of intensity and duration.

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Gentle to Mental

The Gentle to Mental flight combines the majestic view of the great Vancouver Mountains with blood-pumping high G maneuvers and makes sure you finish the flight with sweaty palms and a big smile. Start with sightseeing the Fraser Valley Mountains and Cultus Lake region before engaging in crazy wacky maneuvers and aerobatics such as steep turns, loops, rolls, and Cuban Eights.

Best for: people seeking an experience on both ends of the spectrum for sightseeing and aerobatics.

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The Ultimate All in One

This tour gives a mega experience for those seeking sightseeing around Downtown Vancouver and aerobatics. The flight is a full-on tour of all the best spots of the Lower Mainland starting with light cruising around Golden Ears Provincial Park, and moving to North Vancouver, Downtown Vancouver, and everything in between! The tour can either start or end with acrobatics, depending on the passenger’s choice!

Best for: tourists, cruise ship and out-of-country guests visiting Vancouver, & thrill seekers!

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How many people can fly at a time?

Our flight plane can take 1 person to fly at a time

How long is the whole experience?

From safety training, take-off, flight, and landing, the whole session is approximately 2 hours

Do flights take off during the rain?

Yes, flights for just sightseeing happen all season round while aerobatic activity is done on a rainy day as higher cloud elevation is required to avoid flying into the clouds.

Where do I wait if I am here early or waiting for someone while they come back from their flight?

You can wait at Baron’s Bistro located right by our hangar area or in your car.

Is parking nearby free?

Yes there is nearby street parking and it is free.

Are children under 18 allowed to fly?

Yes, children under the age of 18 can fly with signed parental consent.

What if I suffer from motion sickness?

If you suffer from motion sickness or experiencing anxiety, we recommend taking a motion-sickness medicine at least 30 min before the session begins