Nanchang Chang Jiang CJ750 Motorcycle

The Chang Jiang CJ750 (Simplified Chinese: 长江 or traditional Chinese: 長江) is a Chinese motorcycle, that was manufactured by the China Nanchang Aircraft Manufacturing Company. The same company that manufactured the Nanchang CJ-6 airplane.

The CJ750 was originally produced for the Chinese military and was powered by a four stroke 746cc engine, with a rear wheel shaft drive train. The engine is air-cooled, and nearly all the original CJ750s had a sidecar. 

CJ750 History & Development

In 1950, the People Liberation Army reverse engineered the German Zündapp KS 500 motorcycle. Starting in 1951 the Chinese government built 4,248 Zündapp replicas, before the Soviets considered the M72 (the soviet version) obsolete. Soon after the Chinese acquired the tooling to build their own M72s named the Chang Jiang 750.

Soviet M72 motorcycle

CJ750s grew less popular in China as the market was opened to American and European motorcycle manufactures, but there is a still a loyal CJ750 rider base.