Harrison, the Winter Wonderland from above

In late December, there were a few beautiful blue skied days that were perfect for lake and mountain sightseeing flights over Harrison and Fraser Valley in a four seater aeroplane Cessna 172.

On Dec 22th, I left Abbotsford International Airport (CYXX) at approximately 3:00pm and headed eastbound through the Fraser Valley. After a quick pass over Cultus lake and Chilliwack, we turned Northbound and flew over SandPiper Golf Course and tracked the Harrison River east bound. Shortly after, we passed over Harrison Hot Springs at 4,500 feet and snapped the following photos:

Harrison River, looking towards the northeast.
Harrison Hot Spring after snowfall.
Harrison Lake, Harrison Hot Spring, Agassiz, and Fraser Valley with Mount Cheam and Mount Baker in the background.
North view of Harrison Lake and Long Island.

After passing Harrison Lake we climbed to 6,500 feet and flew over Sasquatch Mountain.

Harrison Lake at sunset.
Hemlock Valley Village and Ski Hills with Mount Judge Howay and Mount Mount Robie Reid in the background.
Over Harrison River westbound, with Sandpiper Golf Course and Harrison Mills.

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